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Support for 5'3 people with eating disorders

5'3 Eating Disorder Support
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Eating disorder support for people who are 5'3

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I made this community because of the direction the other fivefootthree community was going. I don't want to steal that comm from it's mod, but I can't seem to get ahold of the mod from there. If you are out there and want to have credit in this comm then please let me know!

This community is for eating disordered individuals who are 5'3 (or close). It feels easier to relate to those who are the same height when you are making comparisons or sharing the same struggles. One weight on a tall person can be completely different on a short person, so it's just easier to talk about our problems. Anyone is allowed, but the point of the community is for people who are 5'3 (or 160 cm).

This community is in no way pro-ed. All topics are open for discussion but there will be no asking for tips or tricks on how to get an eating disorder. If you have an eating disorder, you don't need tips and tricks. Any question is welcome as long as it isn't about trying to learn how to imitate eating disordered behavior. For the time, i've left the terms 'ana' and 'mia' out of the interests for this group, because I believe a severe disorder/disease shouldn't be given a pet name. If the members would like me to change that, feel free to let me know.

I'm still working on the layout and info right now, but the community is ready to go so start posting! Hope you all can feel safer here now that we can block posts and comments from people who feel the need to hurt others.